Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Ben Russell and Jean Rouch Let Each One Go Where He May

Let Each One Go Where He May
Ben Russell
2009 - États-Unis - Couleur - 135'

The shadow of Jaguar doubtless hovers over Let Each One Go Where He May, which portrays the black communities that have settled under forest cover in Surinam. The principle is the same: a country's human reality is revealed through the lives of two brothers. From the moment they wake up to their arrival in the city (where they vanish into urban crowds) we do not move around in the real world, but within categories of human geography (nature, rural area, city, pollution) that structure and codify our perception of reality - and thus within the apparent spontaneity of a shot by Rouch. The image too is a prison. Can one escape from it? (Yann Lardeau)

Photography : Ben Russell, Chris Fawcett
Sound : Brigid McCaffrey
Editing : Ben Russell
Production : Ben Russell
Distribution : Light Cone (lightcone@lightcone.org, +33 (0)1 46 59 01 53)