Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Sacem Day

Sacem Day

  • Friday 27 August - 10:00 am - Room 2 - Carte blanche à Éric Darmon

    Documentary director is a sponge who must absorb everything and give back the essence... but he always keeps a little for himself, for each film is a piece of their intimate puzzle. In 1982 after having studied ethnology, I founded my production company, Mémoire Magnétique. Memory interests me, that of others, all the others, memory which is transmitted, recounted, shown. I consider my work as a documentary film-maker, a producer of memory, a portrait artist as that of a "Craftsman". I am the author, producer, director and cameraman of my films, all the time collaborating at each phase of creation with specialists who bring their “knowledge”. Within Mémoire Magnétique, I have filmed hundreds of family interviews which today are precious archives, then I have produced and directed documentaries for television. If the stages of documentary creation are always the same, there are for me interactions: the idea, screenwriting, production, negotiation of rights, the agreement of the television company, shooting, editing, mixing, screening (TV, DVD, festival, projections)... I like living through all these phases with their difficulties, anxieties, joys... I will talk about all the aspects of documentary creation based on a selection of scenes from four of my films: Looking Glass (2005), an exceptional human encounter with Philip Glass, Villa-Lobos, l'âme de Rio (2007), a portrait of Hector Villa-Lobos, Pierre Henry ou l'art des sons (2008), portrait of Pierre Henry in the intimacy of his work and Steve Reich, Phase to face (2009), portrait of Steve Reich. Eric Darmon

    Friday, August 27 at 10:00 am

    Friday 27 August - 2:30 pm - Room 2 - Musiques traditionnelles du monde

    During the session dedicated to handing down traditional music through documentary films, Yves Billon, Franck Cassenti and Hélène Delaporte will share accounts of their own experiences. Yves Billon, a film director and producer, founded both production companies Les Films du Village and Zaradoc Films. He has made over a hundred documentaries, among which numerous films about Latin America and about music throughout the world. His presentation will in particular be based on strips of three of his films: Benares, Ganges Music; Havana Hip Hop and Safari in Xingu. Hélène Delaporte is an ethno-musicologist with CREM-CNRS (French governmental research center). She is presently working on her doctor’s degree about the music of Epirus in Greece, in particular about the issues of memory, exile and emotions. Together with Bernard Lortat-Jacob, she directed Chant d'un pays perdu, whose extract we shall present, that deals with the link between emotion and musical creation, referring to singer Tcham’s return to his forefathers’ land. During her intervention, she will also present sequences of a current work which will allow us to approach the difficulties of realization in which she is confronted. Franck Cassenti is a stage and film director, as well as a scriptwriter. He wrote and directed several fiction films, among which L’Affiche Rouge and Le Testament d’un poète juif assassiné, as well as numerous documentaries portraying musicians from all over the world. Based on an extract of a shooting in Morocco, his presentation will deal with Gnawa trance ceremonies. He will also show strips of his film La Nuit de la possession, that is in the process of editing, and for which he filmed for sixteen hours non stop Mahmoud Guénia’s, a great Maâlem in Essaouira, trance ritual.

    Friday 27 August - 9:15 pm - Room 3 - Prix Sacem 2010

    La Peau sur la table - Portrait filmé de Bernard Cavanna
    Delphine de Blic - 2010 - France - Couleur - DV Cam - 99'