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Kate Thompson-Gorry (Katherine Thompson)
2011 - 90 min - HD - France

"Had I been born twenty years later, I'd be jamming hip-hop" (Archie Shepp)
An explosive and interactive encounter between an English saxophonist from Birmingham and an American from Cincinnati whose common weapon is jazz and common ammunition: chiselled lyrics for hyper political hip-hop.
Soweto Kinch, saxophonist extraordinaire, has become somewhat of a landmark for the English hip-hop scene. Napoleon Maddox, beat boxer and hip-hop author pioneer, multiplies collaborations with prestigious jazz performers. For both of them, jazz and hip-hop both stem from the same energy, based on freedom of expression and resistance to cultural and political domination.
These spearheads of the contemporary black music movement collided in Brest for the Atlantique Jazz Festival for our greatest pleasure, offering us politically engaged lyrics on music combining the best of jazz and hip hop.

Author-Director : Kate Thompson-Gorry (Katherine Thompson)
Original Music : Soweto Kinch, Napoleon Maddox
Delegate Producer : Oléo Films
Broadcasting Co-producer : Mezzo
Broadcasting Co-producer : Armor TV
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTEWEB Live TV, TVM-Ciné Plume


Distributor : Oléo Films