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White Test
Milena Donato
2002 - 3 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

Within the framework of the first "Sleepless Night" in Paris, some artistic interventions took place in the night of the 5th October 2002 in several districts of the city. In the Oberkampf Street (11e), about fifty painters and visual artists have realized some original works and performances projected in direct on two billboards from 5 x4 meters. The performance "White Test" inserts also a dancer. She dances around an ice column of two meters high, which is used as a screen in the middle of the square. During this time, the ice melts. Between solidity and fluidity, stiffness and softness, ice and water.

Author-Director : Milena Donato
Delegate Producer : Milena Donato


Distributor : Milena Donato
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