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Une vi(ll)e habitée
Monique Quintart
2010 - 56 min - HDV & Digital vidéo - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - Belgique

"It?s a street movie, where I?m tracing my way in Brussels, searching for what it means to inhabit a place. With a writer friend I walk through the streets of my childhood?s neighbourhood, evoking some persons who lived there. This personal approach is connected to two other ones, collective and popular, in inhabiting the town : the "Meyboom", a very old celebration that revives every year the spirit of the "Bas-Fond ", a part of the city that doesn?t exist any longer, and the "Zinneke Parade", a recent street festival in search of new urban identities, uniting inhabitants of many cultures."

Author-Director : Monique Quintart
Photography : Luc Malice
Sound : Luc Van Schouwburg
Editing : Philippe Boucq
Delegate Producer : Le P'tit Ciné
Co-producer : Centre de promotion culturelle asbl
Contribution : Ville de Bruxelles


Distributor : Le P'tit Ciné
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