This Train I Ride
( Libres ! )

Arno Bitschy
2019 - 75 min - Video Ultra HD - Couleur - France, Finlande

The United States. Today. A freight train crosses the landscape like a giant steel snake. To catch this train, you have to wait for nightfall so you're not seen. Because it's illegal.
I'm doing it to follow some hobos (vagabonds). They're women, on their own, and they've chosen a life of travel, with no particular destination in mind. Amid the noise of the iron horse, they adopt me as a travelling companion and tell their stories to my camera.
I try to grasp what their ultimate quest is. They're stronger than men, stronger than society. They are free.

Author-Director : Arno Bitschy
Photography : Arno Bitschy
Sound : Jérôme Lapierre, Julien Desposito
Editing : Catherine Rascon
Original Music : Warren Ellis
Delegate Producer : Les Films du Balibari
Co-producer : Napa Films
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : ARTE GEIE
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : YLE (Finlande), Lyon Capitale TV
Contribution : Scam, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Région Pays de la Loire, CNC. COSIP, Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK (Centre for Audiovisual Culture)


Distributor : Point du Jour International