The Winter of Zeljka
( O Inverno de Zeljka )

Gustavo Beck
2012 - 20 min - Super 8 mm - Noir & Blanc - Brésil

English summary
A silent, black-and-white train journey through Eastern European winter landscapes takes a man, whom we only see later, to a Croatian village. An arrival in the cinematic tradition of 1920s avant-garde, with the railway and industrial modernity as a favourite graphical motif, which takes him past a fish market and a strange procession, and finally home to a small family, where the grandparents drink tea, smoke cigarettes and chat cheerfully. The image of a young woman burns itself onto the celluloid - and into the filmmaker's consciousness.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Gustavo Beck
Image : Lucas Barbi
Son : Ernesto Gougain, Miguel Seabra Lopes, Karen Akerman
Producteur délégué : If You Hold A Stone
Diffuseur coprod. : Ukus TV
Participation : Danish Film Institute, Croatian Audiovisual Centre


Distributeur : If You Hold A Stone
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