The Ambassador
( Ambassadøren )

Mads Brügger
2012 - 93 min - Couleur - Danemark

Mads Brügger isn’t scared of stirring up trouble. Armed with a cigarette-holder, sunglasses and high boots, he turns up in the Central African Republic (RCA) to do exactly that. In a perfect take-off of the (neo)colonialist in Africa, he introduces himself as a rich businessman planning to build a match factory with the help of the Pygmies, while what he’s really interested in is making a diamonds deal that will let him leave with his pockets full of precious stones.
Carrying a fake Liberian diplomatic passport, this enigmatic and decadent journalist has no trouble at all posing as the archetype of the racist and unscrupulous white ambassador. In a completely off-beat fashion,
The Ambassador denounces corruption in the RCA. The director offers us an ironic, satirical and humorous view of the world of diplomacy in Africa.


Distributor : TrustNordisk
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : Luminor
VOD : Universciné


2012 - FIFDH (Festival du Film et Forum International sur Les Droits Humains), Genève (Suisse) : Prix du Jury Jeune