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Résistances et Épilogue
3e partie Série-Collection : Douze Ans d'images du DAL

Michael Hoare
2003 - 74 min - Digital vidéo - Couleur - France

Third episode of the history of images concerning the French housing rights association "Droit au Logement". After 1997 police repression becomes harsher. The principal media turn away from the problem of decent housing, henceforth considered an "old" story. The police attempt to eliminate even the possibility of filming their action.
So filmmakers and videastes are confronted with a double problem: how to resist the police repression ? How to get around the media blockade ? Are alternative televisions part of the answer ?
A final epilogue draws some conclusions from these twelve years of political and filmic experience.

Author-Director : Michael Hoare
Delegate Producer : Callysta productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : Voix Sénart
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : Callysta productions
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