Winter's Portrait of a Burnt Landscape
( Retrato de Inverno de uma Paisagem Ardida )

Inês Sapeta Dias
2008 - 40 min - 16 mm - Couleur - Portugal

Research in the present of a burnt landscape: observation of what exists now, understanding the rubble and remains; discovery of the dead tree's place in a destroyed land and perception of its immobility.

Author-Director : Inês Sapeta Dias
Photography : Inês Sapeta Dias
Sound : David Maranha
Editing : Luisa Homem
Delegate Producer : Inês Sapeta Dias
Co-producer : Ministério da Cultura (Portugal)
Co-producer : ICA (Portuguese National Film Institute)
Broadcasting Co-producer : RTP (Radiotelevisao portuguesa)


Distributor : Inês Sapeta Dias