Pas à Genève
2014 - 66 min - HD - Couleur - Espagne

English summary
5 years ago we formed a collective to make films. We stopped being individuals to become lacasinegra. On July 2011, in the midst of the "indignados" movement in Spain, we were invited to spend a few days in Geneva. Being so far away from everything we cared for, and feeling overwhelmed by the situation we were living, we wound up defying ourselves with a titanic, perhaps absurd challenge: To film everything. Absolutely everything. Pas à Genève is the hallucinated tale of what we lived those days.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Lacasinegra
Image : Lacasinegra
Son : Maiki Calvo, Jorge Alarcon San José
Montage : Lacasinegra
Producteur délégué : Lacasinegra