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Monsieur le rabbin Série-Collection : Aux p'tits bonheurs, la France

Christophe de Ponfilly
1999 - 55 min - Beta numérique - Couleur - France

Haïm Korsia, rabbi in the town of Reims for the last 11 years, divides his time between this community for which he is responsible and the numerous other fields in which he has invested himself. He is also rabbi for the Paris airports authority, chaplain to the airforce and infantry. Special envoy to Joseph Sitruk the chief rabbi of France, not to mention regular work, in a voluntary capacity, as guest speaker on the subject of Judaism which takes him into very diverse spheres.
This young rabbi spares neither time nor energy to establish bonds with people he encounters, both those who come to him and those he seeks out.
Christophe de Ponfilly strives to document the rabbi’s daily battles.

Author-Director : Christophe de Ponfilly
Delegate Producer : Interscoop
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : Doc & Film International
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