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Lune criminelle
( Improvisations et Variations sur "Les Proscrits de Saint-Flour" )

Claude Othnin-Girard
1996 - 94 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

Having had her hair shaved at the Liberation, Esther didn't leave her house any more. She lived shut out of the world with her brothers Hubert and Rémi for forty years. When 19 GIGN policemen blew up the door and broke in on October 21st, 1983, they found two stupified old people and the body of Rémi who had died four years before.
Esther and her brother buried themselves alive in order to take revenge on the whole town of Saint-Flour for having forgotten them.
This surprising story would be incomplete if it were reduced to its social and pathological aspects. It would mean ignoring its human and historical sides whichs caracterize it as an incommon event.
The past of a nation is not only made up of glorious events. It occasionally comes back to spit in our faces.

Author-Director : Claude Othnin-Girard
Delegate Producer : IO production
Broadcasting Co-producer : C9 Télévision (Lille)
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : IO production
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