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( Ladoni )

Artur Aristakisian
1994 - 138 min - 35 mm - Noir & Blanc - Russie

"Chisinau, Moldavia. Dropouts, handicapped persons, members of the urban underclass are the heroes of this fresco in black and white. The film leaves them mute; it is their bodies and their gestures that speak for them. As well as the voice of the filmmaker who accompanies them, soothers them and consoles them from a distance. But this distance is not that of observation; it is rather the loving gap of a hallucinatory gaze, backed up by a commentary in form of a letter addressed his son to be born, in order to better sing their misery as the place of their saintliness. Artur Aristakisian, man of few films, all formats included, offers here a visionary cinema." (Jean-Pierre Rehm)


Distributor : Artur Aristakisian