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Les Bardes de Gengis Khan
Nadine Assoune
1998 - 52 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

Bator is a young Mongol going on 13 who lives with his family on the steppes near Ulan Bator. Descendant of a long line of bards, his father is instructing him in the history of his people for whom he will some day be the guardian, and teaches him the techniques of epic and diphonic song required to express his knowledge. To complete his education, Bator must also learn to ride horseback to participate in Nadaam, the Mongolian national holiday.
Following Bator from childhood to adult life, we come to see through his young eyes the basic values of Mongolian culture – the founding epic of Gengis, the closeness with nature – as we discover the art of epic and diphonic song of bards of Gengis Khan.

Author-Director : Nadine Assoune
Delegate Producer : La Huit Production
Broadcasting Sale : Muzzik
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : La Huit Production
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV