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Le Petit Châtelain avec son Grand Château Série-Collection : La Vie de château

Jean-Louis Fournier
1996 - 24 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

Short haired, attractive, Géraud de Laffon, the young 30 year-old heir manages and animates with enthusiasm the imposing Gizeux castle.
This family home, handed on since 1786 from generation to generation, was in the 14th century and for more than 350 years the property of the Du Bellay. Today he speaks with humour about the upkeep of 2,3 hectares of roofs.
For the last few years, however, this almost "ordinary" family has undergone a new revolution... that of opening to the public : 8,000 visitors who disturb somewhat the rest of some members of the family.
This film shows with some inevitable impertinence and tenderness daily life in an unusual setting.

Author-Director : Jean-Louis Fournier
Delegate Producer : Méditerranée film production
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3


Distributor : Méditerranée film production