Défi des bâtisseurs
( Cathédrale de Strasbourg )

Marc Jampolsky
2012 - 88 min - 3 D - Couleur - France, Allemagne

A Gothic masterpiece, the Strasbourg cathedral attests to the bold ambitions of its creators. With its 142-metre spire, it remained the world’s tallest building until the nineteenth century. Who were the cathedral’s builders? Filmed entirely in 3D, the film features re-enactments, period documents, computer-generated images and conversations with historians and specialists. It reveals the construction secrets behind this architectural feat, the lives of its master craftsmen, social organization on the worksite, awareness of the project across Europe, and the political and religious context in which it was built.


Distributor : Seppia Film
Distributor : ARTE France Distribution
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : Arte Éditions
VOD : Arte VOD


2014 - FIFA (Festival international du film sur l'art), Montréal (Canada) : Sélection Horizons