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L'Album de Juliette
Odette Martinez-Maler, Jean-Claude Mouton
2002 - 18 min - DV Cam - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

Juliette Tenine is one of the volunteers who left for Spain to defend the Republic against General Franco's troops. April 1937, she enlisted in the international Brigades' medical service (health service) and is stationed at the front. Here she shows us the album of photographs taken in the line of fire by her comrade, Rene Dumont. This film depicts a woman committed to the fight against fascism during the first half of the Twentieth century, through a subjective account that accepts the role of chance and the inconsistency of memory. It also represents a lively, sensitive, ironic, modern day woman who is cautious of the heroic scenes of her past and of the fabrication of the concurrent memories.