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Intégration... à l'Africaine
Michael Hoare
1999 - 196 min - Hi 8 - Couleur - France

On May 21, 1992 seven homeless African families set up a camp at the foot of the château de Vincennes, just on the edge of Parius. Within a few days 300 badly housed families had joined them, forming a protest movement for the right to decent housing that was to mark the history of this country by its tenacity and determination.
The film recounts the story of their struggle and at the same time tries to give voice to different representations, images, analyses and evaluations that it stimulated. Fundamentally, it is the story of the will to force recognition of a certain number of rights, including the right of an immigrant community to choose its own form of political representation.
Before the movement for the regularisation of illegal immigrants, which it in many ways annouced, this struggle marks the entry into political life of the African community of France.
Available for TV in 53 + 57 min.

Author-Director : Michael Hoare
Delegate Producer : Viridiana productions
Co-producer : Avenir vivable
Broadcasting Co-producer : Télessonne
Contribution : CNC, FAS (Fonds d'action sociale)


Distributor : Viridiana productions
Not commercial Distribution : Avenir vivable
Circulation-Consultation : Musée national de l'Histoire de l'immigration
Disponible au Club du doc