( Iraq Year Zero )

Abbas Fahdel
2015 - 334 min - DV - Couleur - Irak, France

Two years in the life of an Iraqi family, before and after the American invasion. This powerful collective novel gives life to a saga that flows as slowly as the river that crosses Baghdad. The tragedy and the dignity of the Iraqi people come to life on the screen in the most intense moments. A reference work for the understanding of the Middle East in the past and the present.

Author-Director : Abbas Fahdel
Photography : Abbas Fahdel
Sound : Abbas Fahdel
Editing : Abbas Fahdel
Delegate Producer : Abbas Fahdel


Distributor : Abbas Fahdel
DVD Editing : Potemkine films


2015 - Visions du réel, Nyon (Suisse) : Sesterce d’or la Poste Suisse & Prix Interreligieux - Mention spéciale
2015 - Festival International du Film de la Roche sur Yon, La Roche sur Yon (France) : Séance spéciale