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Histoires de pluie
Isabel Achaval
2008 - 52 min - Digital vidéo - Couleur - Belgique

I am Argentinean. I was born in Buenos Aires. I left of my own free will, to follow my love.
The film is a journey. It’s my departure forever, my adventure in Brussels. My vision of a singular city with a hidden beauty. A city where it rains nearly all the time, a city that can only feel sad at first. This film is also....
the story of Clemente, Fati and Angelo. It is our encounter. We come from very different backgrounds, but we have something in common: we have all left forever.
Leaving forever? It hurts. Each of us had a reason to leave, each of us has dreams to pursue.


Distributor : Iota production
DVD Editing : Dvdoc
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