Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Rescreening Wundkanal

Thomas Harlan
1984 - Allemagne/France - Couleur - 102'

An old man is kidnapped. His interrogation uncovers the biography of a mass muderer: the eighty-year-old man was a SS leader and responsible for the killing of thousands of people in Russia. He also "invented" an evil technique of eliminating political prisoners: the "manipulated suicide". Thomas Harlan reconstructs the history of a burocratic muderer, he also develops a direct connection between the National-Socialism and the treatment of prisoners of the RAF terrorists in the Stuttgart isolation prison. The reality seems to be stronger than the fiction in Thomas Harlan's film.

Author : Yvette Biro, Thomas Harlan
Photography : Henri Alekan
Sound : Harrick Maury, Bernard Ortion, Jean-Pierre Duret
Editing : Patricia Mazuy, Scheherazad Saadi
Production : Quasar Film, Reass Films
Distribution : Goethe-Institut Lille (film@lille.goethe.org, +33 (0)3 20 57 02 44)