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Voglio dormire con te
Mattia Colombo
2015 - Italie/France - Couleur - 75'

Voglio dormire con te begins four months after I decided to leave my partner. The freedom I reclaimed brought with it insomnia; a constant wakefulness in which the import of what I thought I would find outside my relationship with Sergio dissolved. So I began shooting the lives and relationships of couples I knew well, hoping to retrace the longing for freedom that led me to choose being on my own over a relationship. The film is a journey in search of the solutions we implement to overcome solitude.

Author : Valentina Cicogna, Mattia Colombo
Photography : Iacopo Loiodice
Sound : Simone Olivero
Editing : Valentina Cicogna, Veronica Scotti
Music : Enzo Avitabile
Production : The Kingdom, Start Srl