Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Jørgen Leth Tropical Mix

Tropical Mix
Jørgen Leth
2007 - Danemark - Couleur - 7'

In 1990, Jørgen Leth and Dan Holmberg went on a research trip in preparation for a film adapted from Leth’s novel Traberg. Renting a boat in Venezuela, they sailed up the Orinoco River, shooting a number of scenes of the boat penetrating dense jungle. Moving on to Monte Cristo on the north coast of the Dominican Republic near the Haitian border, they filmed at hotels and in small tropical towns, capturing a film-noir mood. Two shots were used in the Brussels segment of The Five Obstructions and other parts of the footage have inspired new projects.

Photography : Dan Holmberg
Sound : Niels Arnt Torp
Editing : Camilla Skousen, Morten Højbjerg
Production : Sunset Productions Inc.
Distribution : Danish Film Institute (thomasc@dfi.dk, +45 33 74 35 76)