Les États généraux du film documentaire 2009 Doc Route: Poland The Existence

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The Existence ( Istnienie )
Marcin Koszałka
2007 - Pologne - Couleur - 79'

Jerzy Nowak, a popular actor from Cracow, has been struggling with a terminal disease for years. The film is the account of becoming familiar with the prospect of dying and proudly preparing for the death to come. The protagonist is also concerned about a posthumous fate of his body which he bequeaths to the Medical Academy for scientific experiments. Fully aware and reconciled to what is to come, he talks to his wife, lawyer and his friends.

Photography : Marcin Koszałka
Sound : Mariusz Bielecki, Krzysztof Suchodolski
Editing : Anna Wagner
Production : HBO Poland, Studio Filmowe OTO
Distribution : Krakow Film Foundation (katarzyna.wilk@kff.com.pl, +48 122 94 69 45)