Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Ute Aurand and Margaret Tait Terzen

Ute Aurand
1998 - Allemagne - Couleur - 50'

Terzen is a film of portraiture. These are brief encounters, but they have an intense sense of place and time, as Aurand attempts to provide us multiple angles on a person (amplifying this occasionally through superimposition) to give us a sense of personality and subject through a condensed representation. Despite the rapidity of Aurand’s light and energetic camera, there is a recognizable central character around which the camera pivots. […] That many of her subjects in Terzen are children not only adds to the playfulness of this film, but it also isolates the moment in our lives where we had the least sense of time passing — the greatest sense of now.” (Chris Kennedy)

Photography : Ute Aurand
Sound : Ute Aurand
Editing : Ute Aurand
Production : Ute Aurand Filmproduktion (uaurand@t-online.de, +49 30 6916778)
Distribution : Ute Aurand Filmproduktion (uaurand@t-online.de, +49 30 6916778)