Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Forms of struggle and the struggle of forms - Traps of formating or promises of form? Tableau avec chutes (extrait)

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Tableau avec chutes (extrait)
Claudio Pazienza
1997 - Belgique - Couleur - 103'

A journey inside a picture, Le Paysage avec la chute d’Icare by Brueghel, thus offers the opportunity to travel through Belgium at the approach of the twentieth century. An enquiry built around a picture and the numerous questions it raises: what exactly does “to look” mean? What do we see disappearing under our very eyes? Why do we look at specific things? What is a point of view? Philosophers, unemployed people, psychoanalysts, politicians have a word to say…

Photography : Jean-Marc Vervoort, Dominique Henri, Claudio Pazienza
Sound : Pierre Mertens, Jacques Nizin
Editing : Michèle Hubinon
Production : Qwazi qwazi film, WIP, RTBF Bruxelles, Arte
Distribution : WIP (wip@skynet.be, +32 4 340 10 40)