Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Doc route: Lebanon Monumentum

Fadi Yeni Turk
2015 - Liban - Couleur - 80'

In the middle of the wasteland that is Beirut Martyrs’ Square stands a statue which is the national symbol of Lebanon. What does it have to say? And what happens if we compare it to other monuments in similar squares in Cairo, Tunis, Baghdad, witness to the unrest that has been shaking the Arab world these past years? Monumentum asks what these big silent stones crystallise of the history of a troubled region. In this way, it reveals what is at stake in public spaces and how they are appropriated by political powers.

Photography : Fadi Yeni Turk
Sound : Roger Halabi
Editing : Vartan Avakian
Music : Khaled Yassine
Production : Fadi Yeni Turk