Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Doc route: Lebanon My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser

My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser ( Abi youshbihou Abdelnasser )
Farah Kassem
2012 - Liban - Couleur - 33'

Mostapha, in his seventies, suffers from a sleeping disorder. He is a poet, one of a passing generation. His daughter, who regularly pays a visit, films his life, poetry, the memories surrounding him since the death of his wife. In the intimacy of the stories whispered by Mostapha, she tries to find answers to the questions she never dared ask him.

Photography : Farah Kassem
Sound : Farah Kassem
Editing : Farah Kassem
Music : Ala’a Wardi
Production : Farah Kassem, Road2films