Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Rediffusions Man's Field (The)

Man's Field (The) ( MansFeld )
Mario Schneider
2012 - Allemagne - Couleur - 98'

Three children around ten in a small village of the Mansfelder Land, in former East Germany, where demise of mining has left its scars. Tom, a surprisingly mature kid, lives with his mother and her female partner. Paul’s parents are poor, his father fears he might lose his job. And Sebastian and his brother are like picture-book siblings. The three of them meet up at the Whitsun festival, celebrating the end of winter, a ritual opposing adults to young generations. Once a year, this old magic returns to hearts of the villagers.

Sound : Henning Raatz
Editing : Gudrun Steinbrück, Mario Schneider
Music : Cornelius Renz
Production : 42film GmbH, MDR
Distribution : 42film GmbH (verleih@42film.de, +49 345 478 18 48)