Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Reruns Magna Graecia – Europa Impari

Magna Graecia – Europa Impari
Anita Lamanna, Erwan Kerzanet
2015 - France - Couleur - 77'

A portrait of Europe in times of economic, cultural and social recession. Calabria, South Italy, used to be the cradle for our modernity, the so-called “Magna Graecia”. It is now rather a margin. Five conversation pieces questioning five essential aspects of our democracies: women, immigration, racism, police and justice.

Photography : Erwan Kerzanet, Anita Lamanna
Sound : Erwan Kerzanet, Anita Lamanna
Editing : Erwan Kerzanet, Anita Lamanna
Production : Image Temps