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The Yatzkan ( Les Yatzkan )
Anna-Célia Kendall-Yatzkan
2014 - France - Couleur - 73'

What can I do with my mother’s drawings, her broken-down piano, her thousands of little papers? The adventure begins at the bottom of a cardboard box with a tiny note about the exploits of an illustrious, unknown grandfather. Here I go, following his tracks on the web, in the snow, from 19th century Lithuanian Yiddishland to Paris. The scars of History through the prism of family history... Until I finally figure out what to do with that cumbersome piano.

Photography : Mateusz Skalski, Crystel Fournier, Mikael Lubtchansky, Sabine Lancelin, Cyril Curchod
Sound : Benjamin Bober, Timothée Alazraki
Editing : Cyril Curchod
Production : Idéale Audience