Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Viewing Experiences The Halves

The Halves ( Les Moitiés )
Alexandre Zarchikov
2015 - France/Russie - Couleur - 96'

I once was a sailor. Today, I try to find my life on the continent. Japanese cars imported in Russia are cut in halves and transported on ships. After being welded in Vladivostok, they are driven throughout Siberia, to their final destination. The Halves is the journal of this trip: the car and I, looking for our motherland.

Photography : Alexandre Zarchikov, Artur Sokolov
Sound : Nikolay Bem
Editing : Coralie Van Rietschoten
Production : Bathysphere productions, en coproduction avec le Studio sibérien du cinéma indépendant