Les États généraux du film documentaire 2009 Doc Route: Poland People on the road

People on the road ( Ludzie w Drodze )
Kazimierz Karabasz
1960 - Pologne - Noir & Blanc - 10'

A film which reports on the life and work of the members of a wandering circus troupe. In meticulous detail, the preparations and efforts are described that precede the moment the gong sounds and the audience, holding their breath, watch the arena, without realising what is necessary for such a show to be put on. In a thoughtful manner, this film presents a succession of psychological portraits of the performers and workers of a circus.

Photography : Stanisław Niedbalski
Sound : Halina Paszkowska
Editing : Lidia Zonn
Production : Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych
Distribution : Filmoteka Narodowa (msokalska@fn.org.pl, +48 228 40 80 95)