Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Doc Route: Russia The Superstar's Only Role

The Superstar's Only Role ( Edinstvennaja rol superzvezdi )
Anton Seregin
2010 - Russie - Couleur - 65'

Susanna, a sixty-four year old actress, lives with her mother and for a long time hasn’t played in the theater; only occasionally she appears at small venues with poetic concert programs. But she is haunted by the play which she rehearsed more than twenty years ago, and which was never staged. She finds a partner, the only thing that remains is to find a theater that will agree to produce the play.

Photography : Anton Seregin, Ksenia Elyan, Asya Demidova
Sound : Anton Seregin
Editing : Anton Seregin
Production : Marina Razbejkina Studio
Distribution : Anton Seregin (jcc@mail.ru, +7 91 52 48 86 59)