Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Africa Le Goût du sel

Le Goût du sel
Ndèye Souna Dièye
2011 - France/Sénégal - Couleur - 52'

Close to the city of Saint-Louis, Sénégal, in the village of Ngay ngay, people cultivate salt for a living according to a non-egalitarian organization: women who are the true kingpins of this traditional occupation, are exploited by their husbands who organize the trade. The director films the work of those women, their movements, and their ability to exploit this natural resource with basic means, taking an interest in the life strategies they developed.

Photography : Ndèye Souna Dièye, Mamadou Sellou Diallo, Fabacary Assymby Coly, Gora Seck
Sound : Fabacary Assymby Coly, Gora Seck, Mamadou Sellou Diallo, Ndèye Souna Dièye
Editing : Gora Seck, Annick Filley
Production : Zaradoc, Les films de L'atelier, TV Rennes 35
Distribution : Zaradoc (contact@zaradoc.com, +33 (0)1 48 59 08 62)