Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Doc Route: Spain The Woman Who Did Men

The Woman Who Did Men ( La senyora que feia senyors )
Carmen S. Esplandiu, Emilia Valentin
2012 - Espagne - Couleur - 51'

The Woman Who Did Men explores how a famous brothel in Barcelona works. It has been run for more than twenty years by Lydia Artigas, more commonly known as Mrs. Rius. The brothel smells of strong perfume and sunlight almost never touches the walls, which are covered with portraits of classic Hollywood stars. Three different telephone lines are always ringing while Lydia, from her kitchen, organizes the timetable of the señoritas that work for her.

Author : David Llobet, Carmen S. Esplandiu
Photography : Marlén Santos
Sound : Esteban Ruz
Editing : Esteban Ruz
Music : Deux Janvier
Production : ESCAC