Les États généraux du film documentaire 2009 Doc Route: Poland The Clinic

The Clinic ( Klinika )
Tomasz Wolski
2006 - Pologne - Couleur - 30'

Is it possible to come to terms with the fact the time is passing? Can a chance a conversation with a doctor become a reflection on our own life? The Clinic portrays a group of elderly patients who are staying at an ordinary polish hospital. From these people we can learn how to preserve dignity and cheerfulness in situation where the end of life is near. Doctors, while performing their regular activities, talk to patients about their lives — both their good and bad moments. The characters of the film don’t complain, they aren’t sentimental, they smile and joke. The conversations create the opportunity for the patients to reflect on and look back over their lives.

Photography : Tomasz Wolski
Sound : Bartosz Mleczko
Editing : Tymek Wiskirski
Production : Centrala Productions
Distribution : Krakow Film Foundation (katarzyna.wilk@kff.com.pl, +48 122 94 69 45)