Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Doc History: Denmark Kornet er i fare (Le grain est en danger)

Kornet er i fare (Le grain est en danger)
Hagen Hasselbalch
1945 - Danemark - Noir & Blanc - 9'

Officially, Kornet er i fare is a propaganda film on the importance of fighting parasites. It shows how weevils can destroy a crop and cause Denmark great loss of revenue. Unofficially, this is a film on the struggle for the country’s freedom and it is not difficult to drow a parallel between the damage caused by the insects and by the German troops. Informative and instructive, this film is also especially entertaining.

Author : Mogens Skot-Hansen, Hagen Hasselbalch
Photography : Verner Jensen, Poul Gram, Hagen Hasselbalch
Production : Nordisk Films Kompagni
Distribution : Danish Film Institute (thomasc@dfi.dk, +45 33 74 35 76)