Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Stephen Dwoskin Intoxicated by my Illness (Parts 1 & 2 “Intensive Care”)

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Intoxicated by my Illness (Parts 1 & 2 “Intensive Care”)
Stephen Dwoskin
2001 - Grande-Bretagne - Couleur - 45'

Intoxicated by My Illness loosely and dreamily tracks a phase in Dwoskin's recent life that took him from medical examination to intensive care. Mostly it is a reverie about erotic fantasy, poignant ambiguity of bodily sensation strung out between intense pain and exquisite pleasure. Dwoskin periodically overlays known “movie music” in order to ironically foreground his own “self-dramatisation”, all the while drawing us into a rare and precious intimacy in extremis.

Photography : Stephen Dwoskin
Sound : Stephen Dwoskin
Editing : Stephen Dwoskin
Production : Stephen Dwoskin
Distribution : Lux (ben@lux.org.uk, +44 (0)20 7503 3978)