Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Manoel de Oliveira Inquiétude

Manoel de
1998 - Portugal/France - Couleur - 112'

In the 1920s, at the end of a theatrical performance, a young dandy notices Suzy, a pretty young woman with whom he falls immediately in love. But she will soon die. To console him, a friend of the young man tells him the story of Fisalina, who left one day to find the mythical “Mother of a river”.

Photography : Renato Berta
Sound : Philippe Morel, Jean-François Auger
Editing : Valérie Loiseleux
Interpretation : José Pinto, Luís Miguel, Isabel Ruth
Production : Madragoa Filmes, Gemini Films, Wanda Films, Light Night
Distribution : Lusomundo Audiovisuais (fernando.j.santos@lusomundo.pt, +351 21 782 48 87)