Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Doc History: China Dong

Jia Zhang-ke
2008 - Chine - Couleur - 70'

Liu Xiaodong is well-known for his monumental canvases, particularly those inspired by the Three Gorges Dam project. In Dong, Jia Zhang-ke visits Liu in Fengjie, where armies of shirtless male workers working towards the deconstruction of the city form the subject of his paintings. The two men next travel to Bangkok, where Liu paints sex workers languishing in brothels. The two sets of paintings are united in their subjects’ shared sense of malaise in the face of a dehumanizing work.

Author : Jia Zhang-ke
Photography : Yu Lik-Wai, Jia Zhang-ke, Chow Chi-Sang, Tian Li
Sound : Zhang Yang
Editing : Kong Jing Lei
Production : Xstream Pictures, Dan Bo