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This Is Not a Film
Les hébergés du LHSS Saint-Michel en collaboration avec Laureline Delom
2014 - France - Couleur - 28'

For six months Laureline Delom accompanied the residents of the LHSS Saint-Michel, an emergency health and care shelter for the homeless in Saint-Mandé, close to Paris, with the project of making a video. After having viewed various films and shorts, the workshop's participants collectively thought about what could make up their own film. Scenes shot by the residents themselves and in which they act are juxtaposed with discussions filmed during the workshops. Between fiction and documentary and adopting the form of an “exquisite corpse” game, the film touches the imaginary of each participant.

Photography : Collectif
Sound : Collectif
Editing : Collectif
Production : Laureline Delom en collaboration avec le Samu social de Paris