Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Doc route: Lebanon 74. Reconstitution of a Struggle

74. Reconstitution of a Struggle ( 74. Istiaadat nidal )
Rania Rafei, Raed Rafei
2012 - Liban - Couleur - 95'

Lebanon, 1974. Students demonstrate against a tuition increase. For thirty-seven days, they occupy university offices. With the Lebanese student revolt of 1974 as their starting point, Rania and Raed Rafei direct an absorbing documentary on the core issues of revolution and democracy. In addition to a meticulous re-enactment, they include theatrical improvisations in which activists give their interpretations of the student leaders’ actions in ’74. How do you change the world? The question has never been more relevant.

Photography : Nadim Saoma
Sound : Fadi Tabbal, Stéphane Rives
Editing : Rania Rafei
Production : Orjouane Productions