Every Fortnight
( Cada quinze dies )

Joan Tisminetzky, Laura Huguet Sesé
2017 - 55 min - Vidéo Full HD - Couleur - Espagne

English summary
Carlos and Paula meet every fortnight. The fact that Carlos is divorced from Paula's mother, leads him to see his daughter only once every 2 weeks.
This documentary focuses on an extraordinary person due to his deafblindness, who deals with his every-day issues, mainly his teenager daughter. As time goes by, and with the hope to recover sight, the relationship between them will undergo an on going change.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Joan Tisminetzky, Laura Huguet Sesé
Image : Tisminetzky Joan
Son : Alejandro Cid
Montage : Paula Cuadrado
Producteur délégué : Sobrehaptic Produccions


Distributeur : Sobrehaptic Produccions