Common Ground
Anne Schiltz, Charlotte Grégoire
2012 - 84 min - HD - Couleur - Belgique, Luxembourg

Bucharest. A block of flats and its inhabitants, snapshots of a life lived cheek by jowl, intimate moments shared with us. Twenty years after the fall of the Ceaucescu regime, in the midst of a deep economic crisis, the people we meet in this film overflow with an unquenchable lust for life and reveal their personal, moving and often funny views on their lives, their city and their country. They are neighbours organizing themselves to pay the communal costs, they are citizens whose shared experiences are the blocks that build a European story.

Author-Director : Anne Schiltz, Charlotte Grégoire
Photography : Charlotte Grégoire
Sound : Anne Schiltz
Editing : Thomas Vandecasteele
Delegate Producer : Eklektik productions
Co-producer : Samsa films
Co-producer : WIP (Wallonie Image Production)


Distributor : Eklektik productions
Distributor : Dvdoc
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : Dvdoc
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2012 - États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France) : Expériences du regard