Au commencement
( Il était une fois des juifs arabes )

Serge Lalou
1997 - 57 min - Betacam SP - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

"In the beginning, once upon a time there used to be Arab Jews..." recounts through a family biography the story of a Jewish community living in harmony with its neighbours on Islamic soil an invites us back to the peace of another time.
This was in Algeria, in Laghouat, not so long ago. Through the testimonies of different generations, highlighted by family photographs, old postcards and archive material, emerges a singular story evoked in all its intimacy.
Memories are awakened both here and there. These men, born into peoples of sacred textual traditions, found in the texts more that which they had in common than that which divided them.
A message from the past to be heard today.

Author-Director : Serge Lalou
Photography : Richard Copans
Sound : Olivier Schwob
Editing : Catherine Gouze
Delegate Producer : Les Films d'ici
Co-producer : Les Films à Lou
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3


Distributor : Les Films d'ici
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