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Annoncez la couleur
Sandrine Guillot-Ugolini
2002 - 20 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

Mary Baird-Smith is living in Montreuil, just outside of Paris. She is a painter. In her studio, on large canvases, she paints scenes from her everyday life : the market at Croix de Chavaux, men playing cards in a bistro... Having been initiated at painting by her grandfather, her talent is perfected at the Louvre museum as she paints masters reproductions.
Involved in her suburb's community life, she participates in artistic events which enliven her town. During one of these, "it is springtime in the world of art", she holds a stand where are exhibited her work, reproductions and creations. Her family also takes part ; some are playing the accordion, others by juggling near exhibition stand.
A journey of initiation into the world of creation, its moments of silence, and moments of doubt. A ungrateful of generous look at those whom it is offered to.

Author-Director : Sandrine Guillot-Ugolini
Delegate Producer : Sandrine Guillot-Ugolini


Distributor : Sandrine Guillot-Ugolini
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