Armin Linke
2011 - 64 min - 16 mm - Couleur - Allemagne

The result of long months of research, this film is a journey into a world full of contradictions. The landscapes he shows are successively the setting for a bollywood film, the model for a ski resort to be built in the desert, resting places or the meeting point for the world’s economic elite. Using images that are concrete and imaginary, material and symbolic, Armin Linke has created a kaleidoscope of visions, a prism that is a paradigm of our time.

Author-Director : Armin Linke
Photography : Armin Linke
Sound : Renato Rinaldi
Editing : Giuseppe Lelasi
Delegate Producer : Studio Armin Linke


Distributor : Studio Armin Linke


2011 - Visions du réel, Nyon (Suisse) : Compétition Internationale - Longs métrages