Alpha Blondy, an African Protestor
Antoinette Delafin-Cissé, Dramane Cissé
2010 - 90 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

In Ivory Coast, Alpha Blondy appeared as a voice for the speechless until to become a symbol of hope. If he looks like a visionary, he’s also sometimes the king jester. This first documentary dedicated to him is a musical movie, which combines bibliographic elements, political concerns and spiritual considerations.
Over the songs, which leave their mark on our time, the singer remembers events that made him a star. A living myth that belongs to the history of contemporary Africa.

Author-Director : Antoinette Delafin-Cissé, Dramane Cissé
Delegate Producer : Zaradoc Films
Co-producer : RFO


Distributor : Zaradoc Films
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